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Dr. Jaya Maria Anthappa - Your Health & Wellness Coach in Bangalore

I am Dr. Jaya Maria Anthappa, Your health and wellness coach and friend. Life is a long journey full of unexpected challenges and opportunities. To live it to the fullest, you need to maintain good health and stay fit.  I help you experience a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life with my coaching assistance. 

Before talking about my coaching let me share a little bit about myself.  A genuine passion for alleviating people’s physical suffering powered by a strong academic foundation, encouraged me to kick-start my health and wellness coaching journey. Having specialized in Neurology, IVF, Joint and bone health, Fertility Health, Geriatrics, and more, I have spent the last 15 years helping people with my services. I completed my Masters in Healthcare Administration from Vancouver BC, Canada; on returning to India I achieved my second Masters degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of Bangalore.

Inspired by my learnings and driven by a passion to help others, I started my coaching journey for people seeking guidance in tackling their health issues. In my initial coaching years, I worked with various wellness centres and clinics including St. Johns’ Medical College and Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, thus bagging a lot of experience. Later, I also acquired a diploma in Ayurveda cosmetics.

As my journey progressed, I emerged as a respected health & wellness coach in Bangalore. In the past years, I have helped hundreds of people and received multiple accolades and prestigious certificates in holistic health practices and mindfulness techniques. I keep bettering myself by refining and expanding my skill set. Realizing the importance of naturopathy in health and wellness, I expanded my knowledge in this area. In fact, I have been a part of the Naturopathy Seminar held by Dr Vishal Saini of Naturopathy and Natural Benefits. I have also participated in Shivangi Desai’s Fit Bharat Mission.

My treatment method relies most on three elements, namely, food, healthy practices, and Naturopathy. I combine the power of these to help you begin a medicine and disease-free life within 30 days of coaching. Currently, I practice in Bangalore offering personalized coaching sessions designed to help individuals overcome their health problems and achieve their wellness goals. Join me on a transformation journey towards wellness and self-discovery.

Why is Dr. Jaya Maria Anthappa is a Best Wellness Coach for You?

I have leveraged my experience and expertise in health and wellness coaching to help over 300 customers live a healthy and happy life.  “What makes me a good health & wellness coach in Bangalore?”, you might think. Well, let’s decode some of the perks of partnering with me as your coach.


Health issues sometimes make us feel stressed. Being a health coach with 15 years of experience I have had the opportunity to explore and treat both unique and common problems of my clients. This pool of knowledge helps me deliver positive results for my clients.

Unique treatment method and Expertise

I focus on improving the quality of your health and work to alleviate your ailments. By using food as medicine, lifestyle changes, and naturopathy I guarantee a disease and medication-free life in just a month. Moreover, my empathetic approach combined with academic and professional achievements assures you the best quality guidance and support.

Verified and registered Coaching team

My coaching and support team comprises registered and verified professionals. Each of the members has years of relevant experience in this domain. We can guarantee that you will get the best coaching assistance if you partner with us.

Customized solutions

In health coaching, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Humans are full of idiosyncrasies and so are their bodies. We take time to listen to our clients and understand their health struggles. Depending on your unique requirements and body type we prepare a step-by-step guideline for you to follow.

Affordable services

You do not need to break the bank to afford health coaching sessions. I believe that health should not keep you from living a happy and healthy life. You deserve to fulfill all your dreams in life and being healthy takes you one step closer to that. Our health and wellness plans can be customized depending on your budget constraints.

Additional Support

Me and my team ensure that you never feel lost during the coaching journey. I understand that you may require guidance outside of the coaching sessions. So, our team of talented professionals are available to help you and guide you in such circumstances.

Any Disease reversal with ABC & Naturopathy Method

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ABC Method For Holistic Health

(Airway, Breathing and Circulation)

Why Choose Dr. Jaya Maria Anthappa

Life without medication & Diseases free in just 30days, Using food as medicine, lifestyle changes and Naturopathy.

Airway, Breathing and Circulation and Naturopathy for Disease reversal & sustainable health

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Benefits of Health & Wellness Coaching for You

No two people have the same wellness journeys. They have diverse health problems and hence diverse needs. Being a successful health & wellness coach in Bangalore for the last 15 years I understand and empathize with each of my client’s experiences. Crafting a safe space for them to speak about their problems and struggles, I offer personalized guidance to them. Let’s talk about the benefits that you can enjoy from life coaching.

âś“ Personalized guidance - Health coaches help you improve your diet and overcome dietary challenges. They understand your health goals and accordingly provide customized coaching plans that are specially designed to fit your lifestyle.

âś“ Accountability and Motivation - Having a health coach helps you maintain accountability through regular check-ins and follow-ups. Their consistent support and encouragement keep you motivated and committed to your goals.

âś“ Holistic Approach - Coaches focus on different aspects of wellbeing like physical, mental, and emotional health and design a comprehensive approach to a balanced and improved lifestyle.

âś“ Improved Health outcomes - Achieving your health goals becomes easy with professional guidance. By partnering with a good health and wellness coach you get access to a well-structured coaching program that yields successful results.

Benefits of Wellness coaching

Our Story

My Shift from traditional healthcare to holistic Health Coaching focus on..........

" Prevention is Better than Cure "

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Health Coach in Bangalore

What to Expect from Dr. Jaya Maria Anthappa / Jayaanthappa?

My health coaching program follows a blend of friendly and professional approaches in my coaching sessions. By weaving a comfortable atmosphere I encourage my clients to speak freely about their health issues and how it is impacting them. This in turn helps me properly identify the root of their problem, collaborate with them to fix their wellness goals, and craft a customized structured process to achieve them. My treatment uses food as a medicine, lifestyle changes, and naturopathy to ensure medication and disease-free life in just a month.  My coaching program usually follows the following structure:


  • Assessment of the client’s needs
  • Setting SMART goals
  • Developing a customized plan
  • Sharing knowledge about healthy habits, exercise, nutrition,
  • Teaching practical exercises like meal planning, mindfulness techniques, and more
  • Progress monitoring and plan adjustment
  • Evaluation of outcomes
  • Ongoing support and guidance


Are you seeking a holistic health & Wellness transformation?
  • 1-on1 personalized health and wellness coaching
  • Mental health and wellness coaching
  • Corporate wellness coaching

Maple home care Medical & Nursing, Preventive Medicine and Natural Healing.

Medical Services for existing and needy clients

we provide those in need of medical care, we offer a range of services to support your health journey. Home care assistance is provided in areas of hospital, home, schools, assisted living facilities, and during travel, our dedicated team is here to provide compassionate and quality care, for existing sick and suffering clients, at home.

We focus on Prevention on Health & Wellness

My mission is to create awareness about health and Healthy transformation

When You Should Need Health & Wellness Coaching?

Being a promising health and wellness coach in Bangalore for over the last 15 years I have coached hundreds of people. Leaning on my experience, I can suggest some of the most common reasons for consulting a health coach. You must consider consulting a health  coach if :

⭐ You are struggling with weight management 
Often losing or maintaining weight becomes challenging owing to several reasons. A health coach can help you maintain a healthy weight by providing personalized dietary plans, sustainable weight management strategies and more.

⭐ You are witnessing chronic stress and burnout signs 
Persistent feelings of stress, anxiety, or burnout can impact your daily life and productivity. Offering stress management techniques, mindfulness practices and other remedies a coach can improve your mental wellbeing.

⭐ You want to improve your physical fitness
Not seeing desired results from workouts can be frustrating. A wellness coach offers tailored exercise plans and motivates you to exercise daily.

⭐ You are seeking work-life balance 
You might often feel overwhelmed while striking a balance between life and work. A coach can help you achieve a healthier work-life balance by improving time management.

⭐ You want to improve your overall wellness 
If you are dissatisfied with your general health and well-being then you must hire a health coach who offers a holistic approach to improving health and leading a more balanced and fulfilling life.

⭐ You want to manage unhealthy habits. 
People want to quit unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Wellness programs offer strategies to help people combat these negative habits and develop healthier habits.

Self-Development Sessions Personal (1-On-1) sessions with Jayanthappa?

I put a lot of dedication into hosting my self-development sessions. These are one-to-one sessions focused on addressing your specific health issues and wellness goals. These sessions prioritize self-development, helping you to build resilience, enhance self-awareness, and achieve your fullest potential. Moreover, I suggest one-to-one sessions to my clients as these help me devote substantial time to each of them. Through these sessions, I guide you with actionable insights, personalized strategies, and tools that foster lasting positive changes in your health.

I invite you to experience the transformative power of health and wellness coaching with me, Dr Jaya Maria Anthappa, your health and wellness coach in Bangalore.

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